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Bundle of Joy
cauli-hummus, fauxcacia, pork belly, calamari, chrysantonic 1x bottle, tonic 2x bottles
Bundle of Wonder
burratina with greek salad, eggs muhammara, fauxcacia, shish taouk, chrysantonic 1x bottle, tonic 2x bottles


puffed pork skins, chilli lime salt nett carbs 0g
Spiced Olives
castelvetrano green olives, mediterranean spices, citron nett carbs 2g
Cauli-Hummus (VG)
cauliflower two ways, tahini, za'atar nett carbs 4g
Eggs Muhammara (V)
burnt capsicum, chives, walnuts, pimenton nett carbs 5g
Cauli-Mash (V/GF)
mashed with love, cream, parmesan cheese and a good dollop of butter. nett carbs 5g

Faux Carbs

Almond Crackers (V/GF)
16 pieces of almond flour crackers nett carbs 2.4g
Fauxcacia (V/ GF)
300g of 'bread' made from almond flour, psyllium husks and eggs. nett carbs 6.75g
Fettuccine Bolognese
homemade protein pasta noodles with bork (pork and beef) bolognese nett carbs 12.8g
Tagliolini Pomodoro (V) (VG available)
homemade protein angle hair pasta with strataciella, and  buratina nett carbs 15g
Chicken "gyro" and Cauli Rice (GF)
tenderly spiced grilled chicken on fragrant saffron cauli rice with greek yoghurt and mediterranean salad nett carbs 10g
Egg sando (V/GF)
za'atar egg mayo caressed between our low carb and gluten free homemade almond flour, flax seed bread. nett…
Mediterranean chicken sando (GF)
greek yoghurt massaged flame grilled chicken between our lovely homemade almost like bread but not really bread bread.…
Smoked salmon sando (GF)
Norwegian smoked salmon caught between our almost like bread bread. nett carbs 10g

Fat Bombs

Greek Style Buratina (V)
san marzano tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, oranges, kalamata olives, curcuma salt nett carbs 8g
Foie Gras (GF)
curry leaves, turkish yellow spice, hazelnuts, pomegranate nett carbs 1g


Fatoush-eroness (GF) (VG available)
romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, chicharrĂ³nes, mint nett carbs 4g
Brussel sprouts (GF)
chorizo sabayon, burnt peppers, mint, sausage crumbs nett carbs 6g
Asparagus (V/GF)
minted goat cheese, spiced almonds nett carbs 4g


Calamari (GF)
zhug, coriander, chorizo fat nett carbs 7g
Barramundi (GF)
flower clams, saffron beurre blanc nett carbs 2g


Shish Taouk (GF)
free-range chicken, garlic yogurt, cauliflower tabouleh nett carbs 6g
Pork Belly (GF)
grain-finished pork, moroccan curry, black cardamom nett carbs 4g
Persea Burger (GF available)
grass-finished beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, choice of protein "brioche" or gluten free almond bun nett carbs 8.05g

Sweet Cheats

Rosemary Basque Cheesecake (V/GF)
cream cheese, camembert, blue cheese, rosemary nett carbs 6.3g
Rosemary Basque Cheesecake (V/GF)
2kg worth of cheesecake goodness. (please give us 2 days heads up) nett carbs 48g


Capi Light Tonic Water 250ml
Capi Lemon + Basil Soda 250ml
Capi Blood Orange + Sage Soda 250ml
Capi Grapefruit + Rosemary Soda 250ml
Ramona Rose Wine Spritz Can 250ml
Gosnells Sparkling Mead 330ml
Small Beer Lager 350ml Bottle
Clarified Pina Colada 300ml
serves 2
Cold Brew Coffee Cocktail 300ml
serves 2
Chrysanthemum Gin 300ml
serves 6-8  
White Wine
alta alella pb xarel-lo 750ml
Red Wine
alta alella gx granacha 750ml


Grapevine 300ml
serves 2, comes with 2 bottles (250ml) of blood orange and sage soda